About Us


Printer Evolution Grand by Design

PrinterEvolution is a Colorado based wide and grand format printer manufacturer who is pioneering innovative products. The company was established by industry veterans who wanted to resolve market voids that materialized in all areas, including customer service, technical support, price-to-performance ratios and product innovation. PrinterEvolution strives to meet customer needs with high standards of service and value-based products.


The PrinterEvolution vision is to provide print shops with the latest technology and performance by developing innovative, cost effective products.

Business owners make significant investments in solid printer technology. As wide and grand format technology inevitably evolves toward faster speeds, higher resolution and new ink technologies, does your investment have to become obsolete to the point of being discarded or sold? The simple and smart answer is “No” – PrinterEvolution’s Evo33 Series gives you the latest speed, resolution and ink flexibility for a fraction of the cost of a new printer.

With the introduction of the Neo Series, PrinterEvolution has again developed a product that allows print providers to tap into the lucrative textile printing market. At three different sizes and price points, the Neo Series allows users to expand their product offerings and grow their business with an investment that works for them.