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Pictura Graphics

“The Evo33 printer is well-aligned with our sustainability initiatives. The fact that the machine is built upon a re-purposed chassis vs. new was a strong selling point both in terms of cost and Pictura’s alignment with ‘like-minded’ partners. The ink set on the Evo33 is water based versus our previous device that utilized solvent-based inks, which supported our initiatives to reduce VOCs. The Evo33 has really strengthened our fabric production from many aspects: enhanced print quality, improved production capacity and efficiency, cost-benefits, and more environmentally friendly production.”

– Paul Lilienthal, President

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BIG INK Display Graphics

“Minneapolis is a highly competitive print market and we always need to stay ahead of the game. The Evo33 has allowed us to be more price competitive, improved our print quality significantly and increased production speeds. We have a better, richer color spectrum now and a competitive edge and growing market share in areas we didn’t have before.”

– Tom Trutna, President

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Enhance A Colour

“We bought the Evo33 DS after seeing the quality it could provide us. We compared it to other 3 meter dye sub printers on the market and felt the quality was at least as good if not better, for half the cost. The other benefit of the Evo33 DS was that it used water-based ink and could print direct and transfer. As far as service goes, it has run for six months with only one service problem and that was resolved within a day. Would I buy a second unit? YES.”

– Jim O’Connor

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Image Craft

“Rather than expand into new markets, the Evo33 allows us to sell a new service to an existing market and expand our range of offerings so we can truly be a one-stop shop. Along with a visible difference in quality and speed, it has provided a solution to our clients that has quantifiable benefits, especially in the freight and shipping areas where costs can run high. Our customers really appreciate that.”

– Doug Olson, President