Press Release: PrinterEvolution Celebrates Two Years of Making Strides in the Wide-Format Industry

From aftermarket upgrade kits to gamut expansion inks, innovation abounds

Louisville, CO (April, 2013) –Two years ago, PrinterEvolution, the Colorado-based printer manufacturer, introduced its innovative Evo33 to a market that was in need of a less expensive, high-performing alternative to more costly industrial printers. The result was a substantially lower cost of entry and daily operation for a 10’ industrial printer, paired with superior speed, quality and flexibility. Since its launch, it has outperformed the competition in the grand format textile printing industry.

Jim O’Connor, president of Enhance a Colour in Danbury, CT. said, “We bought the Evo33 DS after seeing the quality it could provide us. We compared it to other 3-meter dye-sub printers on the market and felt the quality was at least as good if not better, for half the cost. The other benefit of the Evo33 DS was that it used water-based ink and could print direct and/or transfer. As far as service goes, it has run for six months with only one service problem and that was resolved within a day. Would I buy a second unit? YES! “

“We are extremely pleased with the industry response and satisfaction with our Evo33 printer. In the last year alone, we have installed about a machine a month,” according to Greg Lamb, founder of the company. “We are constantly updating and fine-tuning our printers to exceed industry standards and produce high quality results.”

Since its debut, PrinterEvolution has improved the speed and resolution of the printers as well as introduced orange and violet gamut expansion inks, increasing overall color saturation and accuracy. Additionally, the Evo33 has gained recognition in the sustainability and eco-printing arena, by using recycled frames, environmentally friendly inks and refurbishing old parts from pre-owned printers to be sold back into the marketplace.

According to Paul Lillenthal, president of Pictura Graphics and Chair of the SGP Board of Directors, “The Evo33 device, an SGP printer, is well-aligned with our sustainability initiatives. The fact that the machine is built upon a re-purposed chassis versus new was a strong selling point both in terms of cost and Pictura’s alignment with ‘like-minded’ partners. The ink set on the Evo33 is water-based versus our previous device that utilized solvent-based inks, which supported our initiatives to reduce VOCs and solvent-based ink usage.

The Evo33 has really strengthened our fabric production from many aspects: enhanced print quality, improved production capacity and efficiency, cost-benefits, and more environmentally friendly production.”

Now, as it celebrates its second year anniversary, the company continues to roll out improvements and technological advancements that are unique in the industry, and will introduce four new printers at the ISA show in April.

PrinterEvolution innovations are advancing the printing market with clean, color vibrant, inks and upgrades in technologies that provide faster, high quality output at a price to performance ratio that is unseen anywhere else in the industry.

“As grand format technology evolves to faster speeds, higher resolution and an eco-printing mentality, we will continue to offer business owners products with unmistakable value propositions that also meet their environmental and production initiatives. Our products have higher and better performance attributes at less cost, more efficiencies and reduced waste,” Lamb stated.


About PrinterEvolution

PrinterEvolution is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado and distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Global Imaging. The company manufactures the The Evo Series, currently the best in class industrial grand format textile printer on the market today, and the Neo Series, a commercial textile printer with onboard fixation unit. These revolutionary products are environmentally friendly and designed with technological advancements that outperform the highest quality printers on the market today. For further information visit or call 855-593-4089.