Press Release: PrinterEvolution Launches Pioneering After-Market Performance Upgrades for Grand Format Users

Louisville, CO (Oct. 19)—PrinterEvolution has introduced the Evo33 Series of after market performance upgrades for grand format printers. These upgrades are designed to take a quality chassis and bring it to specs that outperform the most expensive industrial printers on the market today, for less a fraction of the price. Now business owners can leverage their original investment and at the same time be truly “green” by recycling their old printers and using a choice of ink options, all of which are greener than the original inks being used in their current printer.

“This is unprecedented in the industry,” said Kevin Sykes, CEO of PrinterEvolution.  “We’ve taken the old reliable chassis of the VUTEk 3360, by far the most popular 3-meter printer ever sold, and updated it with new technology that is better than anything available on the market today.”

The Evo33 series consists of the Evo33 and the Evo33-U.  Both printers have a revised ink delivery system, new industrial grade variable drop print heads, an all-new motion control system, new updated electronics and a new Windows 7 computer with all new interface. The Evo33-U is an upgrade kit. Technicians will come to the shop and update an existing printer by removing all dated and discontinued components and replace them with the new components that will deliver speeds, resolutions and environmentally friendly ink options that are better than the most expensive printers on the market. If prospective clients don’t have a 3360, PrinterEvolution will have in stock or will locate and install a fully upgraded Evo33 printer in their facility.

From groundbreaking new ink technologies, to environmental features, the performance attributes of these printers are unsurpassed, according to Sykes.  The Evo33 series runs 3 times faster and at higher quality than the current 3360, in 8-color mode, and almost 50 percent faster than the most expensive competitors when printing at equal resolution.

The printer reaches quality print speeds of almost 1300 square feet per hour and uses 10 picoliter variable drop heads instead of 80 picoliter fixed drop heads. Running 10pL variable drop heads allows the Evo33 to only use 4 colors for printing, saving ink costs of 30 percent over a typical 6-color system or 50 percent over a typical 8-color system.

Another key advancement is the ink delivery system, capable of being configured with one of two different environmentally-friendly inks. Water-based AquaSub33 dye sublimation inks are non-irritating, odorless, and have low flammability and are excellent for textile printing.  They can be printed direct or via transfer at everyday high quality production speeds of 950 sq. ft/hr. To complete the textile workflow, PrinterEvolution can also pair a Klieverik Calendar Transfer with the Evo33 series upgrades.

LolSol33 biosolvent inks, formulated especially for the Evo33 printers, have all the qualities of solvent ink but are made up of 60 percent natural, renewable materials and contain no HAP’s or heavy metals.

“For our customers, this is a way to leverage the investment they’ve already made without another large outlay of cash to maintain their competitive edge and product quality output,” Sykes said.  “As grand format technology evolves to faster speeds, higher resolution and flexible ink options, business owners shouldn’t have to worry that their initial investment has become obsolete. Any product that we bring to market will have higher and better performance attributes.”

The innovative concept came to Founder Greg Lamb after watching his Global Imaging customers of 15 years chase speeds and feeds of the most advanced printers coming out each year with an ever-escalating associated cost. Wanting to do something to help his customers extend the value of their investments, he enlisted Redwood Technologies, owned by Mike Mills, to design a kit to retrofit the VUTEk and make it better than the current technology. The engineering and design team at Printer Evolution has been working on the development of the Evo33 series and ink sets since 2010.

“One of the really unique things about PrinterEvolution is the service and support component,” Sykes said. “We use an iPad-based support system called Smart Site that provides custom training, a trouble shooting wizard that navigates from issue to symptom to causes and solutions with videos and photos to assist. The camera on the iPad allows customers to stream issues directly to us live. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then we’ll send a trained technician to the site.”  The iPad also has a custom storefront for ordering products and supplies.

The new PrinterEvolution products will be exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Louisville-based Global Imaging, whose principals, Tara and Greg Lamb are the original founders of Global Imaging, Global Garage, PrinterEvolution and the Panoply Supplies line of third party ink and media as well as Panoply Finance, an in-house finance arm for the grand format industry.

“We are excited to include PrinterEvolution as part of our suite of brands that provide our customers with integrated solutions to all their business needs,” said Greg Lamb, CEO of Global Imaging.  “This is truly a revolutionary concept.  Now customers can have the choice of upgrading their current printer at a reasonable cost to meet and exceed performance standards so they can remain competitive.   It’s another step in our continued effort to answer the needs of consumers in the wide and grand format marketplace.”