Press Release: Evo33 Now Available With Orange and Violet Inks

Louisville, CO (Sept.2012)—PrinterEvolution has introduced two new gamut expansion inks that offer increased color gamut, saturation, color accuracy, warmth and smoothing. Until now, PrinterEvolution’s Evo33 has been utilizing four channels, though it was originally engineered with six total channels for future developments, according to Greg Lamb, CEO of the company.

“We have spent the last year dialing in the four channel color gamut and profiles and confidently believe the Evo33 can boast the best combination of quality, color and speed of any industrial textile inkjet printer on the market. Now with the addition of Orange and Violet, users can achieve colors that no other printer can touch.”

Unlike many wide and grand format printers which utilize Light Cyan(Lc )and Light Magenta(Lm) for smoothing, the Evo33 uses true GreyScale Versa drop technology, making smoothing colors unnecessary for midtones and gradients such as skintones, nature and solid color gradients.

“Orange and Violet expand our current color gamut even further and increase overall color saturation. In particular the orange adds warmth and additional smoothing to warm colors and skin tones. In addition, orange expands the gamut and saturation of reds. The violet helps achieve consistent and accurate blues, which are notoriously difficult to perfect with inkjet printing.” Lamb said. “The orange and violet gamut expansion colors will also make it much easier to achieve the Pantone Process colors and overall pop that many customers require,” he added.

The addition of this feature on the Evo33 is just another attribute that sets it apart from other industrial textile printers. The Evo33 is made from a recycled frame and all parts removed from the original frame are recycled. It utilizes environmentally-friendly aqueous inks, runs faster with higher quality output than other printers on the market and is half the price. PrinterEvolution plans to introduce the new inks at the SGIA Conference in October.


About PrinterEvolution

Founded in 2011, PrinterEvolution, a wide format printer manufacturer, is the only U.S. company that manufactures after market upgrade kits for grand format printers. All of its products are made in America. The company was started by industry veterans Tara and Greg Lamb in response to the need of business owners who wanted to ensure they could remain competitive with the latest technology but found it economically challenging to continually invest capital to maintain their competitive edge. In addition to being greener and faster, these printers boast better quality, state-of-the-art ink technology and support and training services that are unsurpassed. PrinterEvolution is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado and distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Global Imaging. For further information visit or call 855-593-4089.